Riverflex first anniversary

The making of the consulting firm of the future

One year ago we dared to dream of a better way to do consulting.

Digital is transforming companies at a faster pace than ever, and business needs are evolving too. We dreamt of a top consultancy that could match these needs, and deliver real impact. A consultancy with digital in its DNA. Connecting teams of top independent talent from the best consulting firms and industry leading companies, and enabling them to do what they love: creating real value based on true expertise.

A year ago, this was just a dream.
A year later, this is a real company, making real impact.

We want to say a big thank you to all the organisations, consultants, and members of our team who have contributed to our journey. Together, we are on a journey to build the consulting firm of the future from the ground up.

If you too are excited about better consulting services, better lifestyles for consultants, and better results for companies - join the celebration!

Celebrating the open-talent network.

Top talent is becoming independent

We are celebrating the independent model as a rational choice. Abandoning old ways of working to take on rewarding projects and shape one’s own career path. In our dream, being independent does not mean being alone. To us, being part of Riverflex means being part of a community of top digital professionals that share methods, knowledge, and insights. Providing a real career alternative.

In the past year, we started building a professional community that now includes over 350+ top independent professionals across the Netherlands and the UK. Experts with at last 5+ years of experience, and backgrounds at top consulting firms, agencies, and industry leading brands.

Celebrating real impact and value delivered

The future of consulting is here.

We celebrate that with the open-talent economy we can do what was once not possible in consulting; building high-performance teams with professionals and partners from different consulting and industry backgrounds.

Last year, Samsung was one of the projects that showed us the potential and value of an open consulting model. Working in a unique partnership with Cheil and StoreDNA, we adopted the latest visual analytics technology and data driven experimentation techniques to make actual in-flight improvements!

We wanted to not only get the data insights but also apply business actions rapidly. The agility of retailers to adapt stores to the needs of their customers is a key capability.
- Sander Rooda

Celebrating being lean & purposeful

No more over-sized and inexperienced teams

We celebrate the fact that we can see the gap between client need and consulting outcomes closing again. Instead of over-sized and inexperienced teams, we can now work with lean teams of independent experts and partners in flexible engagements.

Last year, Clear Channel was one of the organisations that truly resonated with the values of flexibility and purposeful work. Creating the future of Media, Out of Home.

I’ve chosen to work with Riverflex as they are highly flexible, complementing Clear Channel staff with strong digital experts, and truly partnering with us to achieve the outcomes we need. They are not afraid to challenge our thinking and do things differently, really striving to champion digital approaches like agile and lean and to make a lasting impact on our business.
- Richard Cross, Chief Digital Transformation Officer and CIO of the Year 2017

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